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This game was not what I expected at all but it was in a good way. It was interesting and I didn't know what was about to happen.

Well the efficiency of the Meat Factory is definitely prioritised, I was questioning what the meat would be made out from the get go. You did really get me on cutting the Maggot ridden Pig open, I knew it was coming, but still it was so disgusting seeing them fall out. Then to find the sausages on the plate were still moving. 

I did not realise you were meant to be captured, at the end. I may have given a long chase searching for a way out, just to have to resign to my fate.

Great game, can’t wait to see what else you make.

This game was very interesting the graphics made things look very cool and added to the overall atmosphere. I loved how things progressively got weirder and weirder. great game keep it up!! 

This was interesting as shit.

Thanks for the experience, I truly had a blast with this visually unique head scratcher! You can see my experience in the video below. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed your game!


An artistic game with cinematics that tell you what's going on that you won't know until you get to the end, it just begins with the feeling that something is not right and it just keeps getting worse as time goes on. Thank you for making this! 2nd game.

Wrong game mate.

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Starts at 7:05, as i mentioned 2nd game.

My bad sorry.

Thanks for making this game, I really enjoyed it.  Here is a copy of my playthrough.  

love your game :):):)


Why I don't eat sausages... 

hi, big thx for the great game. greetings from rosti 😁

10/10 would never eat meat again from that company...

Very nice

Horribly disturbing. I loved every minute!

I got chills every time that I entered on the drill room, and was really fun to trying escape from that woman

A lot of games seems like the same, this isn't really a problem, but the aesthetics and the shader of this one it's a relief (and I loved)

Thanks for the game <3

*Waves to the developer*

2nd game

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Thanks! Out of curiosity, what do we gotta do to earn that last 1/10?

nothing :)

I Have Never Felt So Confused, good game

Very fun horror game! Really enjoyed the mystery and twist to it at the end. Good stuff :) 

Amazing style and atmosphere, loved playing every second of it on the edge of my seat.  Great work!  

Excellent game, very creepy


Amazing game! Needs more nudity. Check out the video lol.


i like meat

SKIP TO [10:04]

This game was really cool and I enjoyed it a lot!!!!

was a little hard to get through because of my weak stomach however,it was creepy.

I do not envy people that needs to do this on a day to day basis. Honestly, if you don't want to turn vegetarian or vegan, its best to avoid this game. Otherwise, this game is a masterpiece, the ending left me confused but I gave explaining the ending a crack though.


omg dude ! this game !

Great work btw !

check out my gameplay if you'd like ! and please make more games

I never thought that the woman would become like that :(
I screamed the whole way

I honestly had no idea what was going on for the longest time. Because im stupid lol. But the game was actually pretty solid 

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i got bored after being stuck for 20 minutes in the water/blood sloshy area. i dont know if it was the end or not, but im just gonna move on to the next game. overall the game isnt bad, just a tad bit confusing with where to go and what to do at times

I love it when horror goes in different directions. Talk about coming full circle! The visual quality is odd — in a great way. Rather than feeling frightened, I was constantly uncomfortable; the scares came later, as if the there were several layers to the story that were all building to a peak.I was especially delighted with how the game ends. Meat Shift proves that there is beauty in the grotesque. 

this game made me feel tense almost the entire time, its got a dope story, looking forward to playing more games like these.

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Amazing. A graphic masterpiece, the story is quite good. A really great job!!

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Hello! I played this and ive got to say i really enjoyed it!The story sounds and ambiance of this game were really really good! The maggots in the pig triggered my trypophobia.>.< 

The narrative was so interesting I talk about it in the video, but the ambiance is what really sells this game. No real jump scares, but the game is just overtly creepy and I think it did a decent job of leading me forward without telling me where to go. Thanks!

There was definitely a deeper meaning behind this game, but I'm too shallow to understand it... Loved the moments too! Played this in the latter portion of my video, hope you enjoy!

Thank you for creating a very good and interesting game. Can't wait to play your next game.

the graphic gave me nausea a bit but it was a good game 

Not What I expected at once but had a surprisingly good time. I promise to never again disrespect mrs. Verbeck

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